to the Grover Cleveland Library

This website is, we hope, the beginning of an ambitious project: to found a "brick and mortar" Grover Cleveland Library and Museum in Buffalo, New York, the City he so ably served as Mayor and Governor.

The Grover Cleveland Library is a project of Free New York, Inc., a nonprofit, nonpartisan public policy research corporation based in Buffalo but serving New York State. Our application for tax exempt status is pending. If and when we are approved, we will begin to accept donations of Grover Cleveland books and memorabilia and look for a suitable location for the museum.

Why Grover Cleveland? Because his record has must to teach us. As Mayor of Buffalo and Governor of New York State, he was a reformer who fought corrupt political machines. He went on to serve ably as our last Jeffersonian President, holding firm to the principles of constitutionally-limited and decentralized government. As a man, he was widely revered for his character and honesty.